Market Creatively Over The Holidays With These 3 Ideas

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Market Creatively Over The Holidays With These 3 Ideas

The holiday season is not only a time for festive cheer but also a fantastic opportunity for you to showcase your creativity and connect with clients on a deeper level. Here are 3 innovative ideas to market your agency effectively during the holidays, as suggested by our digital resellers.

  • Creative Countdowns

Create a buzz and build anticipation by launching a creative countdown campaign. This could be a countdown to the holidays or an exciting countdown to the upcoming year, 2024. Utilise your social media platforms, email newsletters, and even your website to showcase daily or weekly countdown posts.

Consider incorporating visually appealing graphics, engaging polls, or behind-the-scenes glimpses of your team preparing for the festivities. This not only keeps your audience engaged but also generates excitement around your brand. 

Add a personal touch by sharing the team’s holiday traditions or aspirations for the new year. Encourage your audience to share their own countdown experiences, creating a sense of community and connection.

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  • Give Away Personalised Holiday Favours

Spread holiday cheer by sending personalised holiday favours to your valued clients. These could range from custom-designed e-cards and digital wallpapers to exclusive holiday-themed content tailored to each client’s preferences. Personalisation goes a long way in making your clients feel valued and appreciated.

Consider creating a holiday-themed landing page where clients can input their preferences, allowing you to tailor your gifts accordingly. Ensure the gifts align with your brand and carry a genuine holiday spirit. This not only reinforces your commitment to client satisfaction but also creates shareable content, as clients may showcase their personalised gifts on social media.

  • Give Your Clients A Snapshot of 2023

Reflect on the year gone by and provide your clients with a personalised snapshot of your collaborative journey in 2023. Share key milestones, successful campaigns, and meaningful metrics that highlight the impact of your partnership. This could include fun statistics on the number of emails exchanged, the best-performing posts, or any significant achievements that stand out.

Craft a visually appealing year-in-review report or an interactive infographic that tells the story of your collective success. This not only showcases your agency’s expertise but also reinforces the value you bring to your clients’ businesses. Encourage feedback and open a dialogue about future goals, fostering a sense of partnership that extends beyond the holiday season.

Implementing these three ideas will not only set your agency apart but also leave a lasting impression on your clients as you navigate the festive season together.

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